About Us

Steens Gray & Kelly Pty Ltd is a leading Consulting Engineering firm in Western Australia specialising in Mechanical Building Services.

Steens Gray & Kelly Pty Ltd have been providing services to the commercial construction industry both locally in Western Australia and the eastern states for over 40 years.

Our single discipline focus has enabled us to achieve outstanding recognition in providing excellence in all aspects of Mechanical Building Services design.

Steens Gray & Kelly Pty Ltd has a Bureau Veritas certified Quality system in accordance with the requirements of AS/NZS ISO 9001. Our firm is audited annually to maintain this accreditation.


Steens Gray & Kelly Pty Ltd were established as Steens Gray & Associates in 1978 following the formation of a partnership between Nick Steens and Brian Gray. As the practice expanded in response to its growing client base, it became necessary to add further engineering strength to its ranks, which resulted in Max Kelly becoming a partner in 1985. In recognition of this the firm’s name was changed to Steens Gray & Kelly Pty Ltd in 1990.

Paul Matthews joined the firm in 1991 and by 1994 had been promoted to Associate. Ashley White also joined the team in 1994. Paul, having clearly demonstrated his intentions to take the firm into its next generation, joined the Partnership as a Director in 1997.

Mid 2001 confirmed the firms’ intention to continue well into the future. With this announcement followed the restructuring of management to promote the continuance of specialist skills learnt through the experiences of the past 23 years. September 2001 saw the retirement of Max Kelly and Brian Gray as Directors of the firm with Paul Matthews taking on the role of Managing Director. June 2004 saw the final step in the succession of the original Directors to the new with the retirement of the founding Director Nick Steens.

Current Partnership

Paul Matthews has continued as the Managing Director of the firm since his appointment in 2001 and was joined by Ashley White and John Chapman as a co-Directors in 2004. John retired from the partnership in 2013 ending his very successful and much respected 30 year career in the industry. Ashley has remained as a Director since that time.

Ben MacLeevernan joined Steens Gray & Kelly Pty Ltd in 2013 and quickly showed a keenness to join the partnership, becoming a Director in July 2014 and taking on the role of General Manager in 2020.

Steens Gray & Kelly Pty Ltd continues to be locally owned and managed by its 3 West Australian Directors and 2 Associates. Each Director has a ‘hands-on owner-driver’ mentality with most of the daily activities taken up with detailed design work and consulting with clients. Together with our enthusiastic, hardworking staff, determined efforts are made to ensure that our standards of design, innovation and service continue to be regarded with the highest order of excellence within the local market place.

Directors and Staff are required to be kept abreast of technical developments by attending seminars, study tours, building visits and the like. Documented evidence of continuing education is also a requirement of our Quality Assurance System. The firm operates from its office premises in Mt Lawley, WA.

The Directors also regularly invest in the updating of our technical resources to ensure that we continue to utilise the latest software and engineering tools such as Revit and Building Information Modelling (BIM) systems.